Neurodiversity Links and Resources

ThinkTric aims to provide a total and bespoke service to each individual as an individual. Essentially, we can provide you with information that can help you and to ‘group’ that information to our most requested topic areas, these are:

  • Learning about Dyslexia in young people. 
  • Learning about coping with Dyslexia. 
  • Feeling confident in the workplace. 
  • Understanding the processes of assessments and screening.
  • Understanding the options open to you in terms of support – at school, at work, socially etc. 
  • Providing resources to help guide you to trusted companies for tools and tips on Dyslexia and SpLDs. 
  • Providing Case Studies that allow you to get to know what you should expect from ThinkTric and understand what you should be receiving. 
  • Offers and Promotions – providing our clients the opportunity to save money and receive additional benefits.

Below you will find various neurodiversity links and resources to help you – whether that be for your Access to Work, Supporting or Workplace Services and SEND Teaching. Please do get in contact to see how ThinkTric can help you.

Physical and Ergonomic Support

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Additional Helpful Websites, AI and Assistive Technology

Neurodiversity links and resources

Access to Work:

Neurodiversity links and resources - Access to Work

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Supporting and Work Services:

Neurodiversity links and resources - supporting services

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Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage

Teaching for Neurodiversity:

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