DSA approved software and hardware solutions

dsa approved software hardware and solutions

DSA Approved Software
Mind Manager quickly captures and transforms ideas into clear, customizable mind maps, flowcharts, and timelines to efficiently organise your team or business.
iView has been designed to support students through their educational journey. From learning how to utilise assistive software and equipment for study, to developing strategic goals that are going to support students to achieve optimum well-being, iView has the resources and products students need for success in their studies. 
FindMyFlow is an e-Learning solution that ensures students can make full use of the AT software provided. FindMyFlow offers tailored support based on a student’s individual DSA recommendations.
MindView is an innovative and intuitive mind-mapping software tool that is used by students all around the world to assist them throughout their educational careers.
ClaroRead helps students to be more confident, independent and productive learners by providing an effective suite of reading, writing and study tools.
Speechify text-to-speech is available for students who qualify for the Disability Student Allowance in the UK.
Make good note-taking effortless and more accessible with Caption.Ed.
Aspire supports a wide range of users all across the UK, including those with disabilities and long-term conditions, enabling them to achieve their full potential throughout their academic journey and beyond into the workplace.
Learning Labs: e-Learning for education and the workplace covering mental wellbeing, assistive technology, accessibility, study skills, career skills and more.
Glean: Record classes, add notes, slides, transcripts, and more to create rich study resources.
Ergonomic Equipment
Nomique chairs are made in the UK, and perfect for most users. They come in all sorts of sizes with various mechanisms. Nomique is a popular choice as the classic ergonomic task chair, proven through its quality, durability and comprehensive range of variations and options.
One of the most unusual office chairs out there, the Hag Capisco by legendary ergonomic designer Peter Opsvik.
Back 2 Logic Chairs.
The Ergo Rest Armrest just clamps onto the front of the existing desk and adjusts to suit. Particular benefits to mouse users. Can relieve repetitive strain disorders and relieves muscle strain and tension from neck and shoulder area.
SK Studio Ergonomics Desk Extender Under Desk Keyboard Tray Clamp On, Adjustable Mouse and Keyboard Tilted Tray Table Mount Armrest Shelf Stand Slide, Computer Elbow Arm Support.
Ergo Desks: Interchanging between a sitting and standing position throughout your workday will greatly aid you in managing the above health risks while also improving your mood, focus and increasing collaboration between colleagues.
The Ergochair range of handcrafted seating, built to support the individual.
The Ergo Rest Armrest is ergonomically designed to provide support to the forearm, relieving muscle strain and fatigue from the shoulders and taking pressure off sensitive areas of the wrist.
The Innovative design of the W.A.S.P ensures no loss of circulation to the hands and allows the user to glide their hand across the full range of keyboard and mouse positions. Pair as standard.
Portable Inflatable Lumbar Support is a versatile, yet simple lumbar support that is discreet enough to be used on-the-go and convenient enough to be utilised wherever you go.
The Backfriend is a combined back rest and seat base which can be used in any seat or chair around the home, in the office, socialising with friends, when driving or indeed anywhere you need to sit.
The RollerMouse mobile is a small version of an ergonomic mouse that allows you to work with both hands in front of you in a comfortable position.
The Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard is a unique and clever ergonomic keyboard which can be split both horizontally and vertically to achieve a highly comfortable position to suit the individual user.
The S-Board 840 (formally known as Ergostars Saturnus) is a compact mini keyboard which can be used alongside the matching number pad (this is an optional extra).
Visual and Hearing Aids
Technology and assistive devices for Hearing.
Assistive technology for Sight Loss.
Assistive Listening Devices (Personal).
Additional Useful Links
iPad Apps for Learners with Dyslexia/Reading and Writing Difficulties.
Cliché Finder – Find, Highlight, and Remove Clichés in Your Text.
Plagiarism Checker.
Article rewriter/checker.
Article Simplifier.
Spell Checker.
Webpage word count.
Word counter.
Simple English Helper Tool.

Accessibility Toolbar

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